Window Magic

by Cheyenne Medders

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These three songs were recorded live onto cassette tape on Carson's Tascam 488 during the month of October 2010. Our one tape had only 2.5 minutes of recording time, and the arrangements were compressed to fit in this "window." The "magic" refers to the harmonic, saturated quality of sound on magnetic tape.


released November 2, 2010

Words and music by Cheyenne Medders (Dancing Room SESAC), except where noted
Recorded at The Court on cassette tape
Transfered to Nuendo 4 for 24-bit digital storage
Guitar: 1964 Gibson J-50
Microphone: AEA R88 stereo ribbon

Photo by Priscilla Jeschke


all rights reserved



Cheyenne Medders Nashville, Tennessee

A man with a guitar etc.

Banner and profile photos by Stephen Jerkins photography

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Track Name: Lasting Look
O Gracious hostess
Kind, accommodating
Here on your pillow
Sun through the window
I feel like a brand new man

Oh trees feel the ocean
Shade creaking rockers
Whispering through
Strands of Spanish moss
I feel like a brand new man

Oh mermaid eyes
With her nose in a book
Took one lasting look at me leave
Through slanted silver rain
Track Name: Broke the Heart
She was beautiful and reckless
She don't care and she never did
And she usually left me breathless
Like a hero leaves a kid
But I left her sobbing in a cafe window
Spilling her vermilion tea
The rainy day I broke the heart
Of that heartbreaker of a million she

And I was not proud... I wasn't loud
I didn't blow my horn when I was free

The sun came out unwitting
Another woman came along
And we both tried to charm her
With our suntans and our song
I surrendered our initials
To the bark of a civilian tree
The sunny day she took a chance
On that chance taker of a million me

... ... ...

Her skin was warm against me
When the amber foliage fell
And her beauty struck me deeper
When her skin began to pale
But she left me cursing in a downtown parlor
Ignoring my Sicilian pie
The rainy day she broke the heart
Of that heartbreaker of a hellion I

And she was not proud... she wasn't loud
She didn't blow her horn when she was free
She just let it be.
Track Name: Grit and the Grid
The economy's slowing the dust devils blowing
My heart is racing away
At the bottom of this rusty old Ferris wheel
Not much else to see anyway
I love your face without makeup
And the thump of these old guitar strings
And the holes in your dress I must confess
Reveal such wonderful things

The hound dogs lay dying my sister is crying
The morning hangs by a thread
If he opens another gin bottle
I can steal the truck keys from dad
Find us a field and help time stand still
My hourglass lays on her side
And we'll visit the world again
When we're energized

I can't afford you no diamond
That comes from an African mine
But I'll drive you out in the desert
And give you every jewel in the sky
And we'll go on a front porch vacation
When you long for the simpler times
And we'll engage the world again
When we're energized

I can hear the tornadoes howling
And Jesus calling my name
I don't know if I'm to die tonight
But tomorrow everything will have changed
Sometimes the richest deliverance
Comes in the poorest of times
Living off grit and the grid
We'll be energized

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